Enabling Secure Queries and Consistent Governance and Compliance

In partnership with Privacera


The Privacera-Starburst technological integration provides enterprises with a secure, automated process of accessing their data–no matter where it resides, or where it’s queried–with consistent data governance and compliance across multi-cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructures.

This webinar will include a live demonstration of the Privacare-Starburst integration and explore new key features.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to implement scalable, robust fine-grained access controls for federated query environments like Starburst
  • How to leverage the Privacera-Starburst solution to build an enterprise-ready, resilient, elastic infrastructure at extreme scale
  • Understand access patterns across heterogeneous, cloud-native services and platforms to enable centralized audits for legal, regulatory, and corporate compliance
  • How to migrate access controls from legacy data management platforms like Hadoop to modern, cloud-native architectures


In partnership with

Claudius Li

Product Manager, Engine and Security

Claudius Li joined Starburst in 2020 as the first product manager. He currently manages product security including the Privacera integration. In his spare time he enjoys hiking and video games and picks locks for a hobby.

William Brooks

Director of Solutions Engineering

Bill has spent most of the last 25 years managing, modeling, moving, analyzing, and securing data. He has worked across industries, including healthcare, financial management, consulting, insurance, and software, and is now Director of Solutions Engineering for Privacera. Bill is a fan of computing history, data archeology, and creative making, and has been keeping sourdough cultures alive since well before the lockdown.

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