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Conduct lightning-fast data analytic queries without moving your data from its source

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Scalable SQL and data integration on AWS

Starburst on AWS provides a stable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective way to query all your enterprise data, wherever it resides. It is also available in the AWS Marketplace.

Kubernetes eases the burden and complexity of configuring, deploying, managing, and monitoring containerized applications. Running Starburst Enterprise on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) provides the data architect deployment flexibility for cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and on-premises environments.

Customers of Starburst Enterprise benefit from extra security features like Role-Based Access Control (via Ranger or Sentry), HA for the coordinator node, ODBC/JDBC drivers, and 24×7 support.

A new architecture for data warehousing in the cloud

Starburst Enterprise on AWS is architected for the separation of storage and compute it is ideal for querying data residing in multiple systems, from cloud data lakes to legacy data warehouses. Deployed via AWS CloudFormation or Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), Starburst Enterprise on AWS enables the user to run analytic queries across AWS data sources and on-prem systems such as Teradata, Oracle, and others.

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Greater cost efficiency

Starburst Enterprise on AWS is built to deliver faster query processing and greater cost efficiency. Cost-based query optimization and other enhancements make Starburst the fastest way to handle big data workloads.

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Separation of storage and compute enables Starburst Enterprise on AWS to scale easily and efficiently to analyze petabytes of data. You can scale compute resources elastically on demand to handle more users or more data.

Starburst Enterprise on AWS leverages Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling — a resource that monitors your workload and automatically scales your Trino cluster up or down to meet its desired capacity.

Starburst Enterprise on AWS enables you to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost to your organization.

Starburst Enterprise: Our flagship product is available on the AWS Marketplace as both an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and Amazon CloudFormation template. The AWS Marketplace offering is available with consumption-based pricing per hour. Because of Trino’s separation of storage and compute, you can scale the cluster up and down and pay for only what you use!

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Starburst Galaxy: our fully-managed experience is available on the AWS Marketplace. Starburst Galaxy is purpose-built to provide you with the fastest path from big data to better decisions. It runs on Starburst’s enterprise distribution of Trino allowing you to query data at interactive speeds from Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) with connectors to Amazon RDS MySQL and Amazon RDS PostgreSQL.

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