Data Products

The heart of the Data Mesh.

Enable data producers and consumers to create, publish, discover, and manage curated datasets.

Starburst Data Products

Shortening the path from raw data to trusted insights. 

Free domain experts to generate unique insights without the burden of a centralized data strategy.

Data products can benefit any analytics journey, large or small, on-premises or multiple clouds, in a warehouse or a lake. And federates across all of them.

Ultimate accessibility.

Query data products that are trusted and approved for frequent business use. Rate data products to understand the quality, and share data products internally for use across the organization.

Streamlined visibility.

Allow data producers and data engineers to define all relevant metadata for the end user to quickly understand the usage metrics, and create, publish, find, and manage curated data products based on multiple data sets. Connects to any BI tool!

Consistent governance.

Secure data products with access control and robust security integrations, ensuring consistent governance from the source level to the data products.

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Starburst includes everything you need to install and run Trino on a single machine, a cluster of machines, or even your laptop.

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